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Best Ways to Predict Which Greyhound Will Win in a Race!

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There are several ways of going about betting on greyhound races:

• If you want to start safe, you can easily opt for the ‘All-ways Trio’ technique, which secures your stakes better than other bets. You will need to choose 3 dogs in the race and predict which greyhound would win, followed by the second and the third winners, placed in any order. So what you are doing is making six bets, as per each of the probabilities.

• A more refined version of this technique is the ‘Straight Trio’, where you follow the same procedure, except for the fact that, here, you will need to specify the exact order of winners.

• The ‘Reversed Forecast’ lowers your margin of favorable probability since you need to pick only two of your favorites. The ‘Straight Forecast’ makes things only more difficult by demanding the correct order of the two.

• Finally, as you get bolder and warmed up to greyhound betting, you can move up to tougher, riskier, but more lucrative bets of ‘Each Way’, where you make a combined betting on the horse that wins and the place that it achieves, ‘Place’, in which you need to choose a dog that finishes in any of the first two positions, and ‘Win’, which may seem simple enough to select a dog that you presume will win but which places you with the minimum odds.

Why we needed to brief you about these techniques was to make you accustomed to the nuances of each of the betting patterns, so you can gain complete confidence in making your bet. All greyhounds’ clock unbelievable speeds, so one thing you need to remember is to pick the ones trained by the best and which are supremely adaptable to all aspects of racing.

And as we will always tell you, experience holds the key here, along with acumen and alertness. So while you go along, be sure to sharpen these two qualities, which will leave you with a deadly combination.

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