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How to Develop Confidence in Sports Betting

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Like most pursuits in life (particularly in sport) confidence is a vital factor in professional sports betting. With it you make bolder decisions, you tend to see things a little clearer and it takes less time to make your selections. Without it you can seem like you're pushing manure uphill.

So where does it come from and where does it go? Well in sports betting it comes from winning. If you've ever placed a winning bet you'll know the feeling!

Perhaps more important is the frame of mind that winning (and confidence) creates. Here is a simple 3 step secret to maintaining confidence regardless of results:

1. Always look for value bets

You should never place a bet where you do not think the odds on offer are greater than the selcetion's true chances of winning. For example if you have Manchester United down as a $ 1.50 chance and they are offered by a bookmaker at $ 2.00 then you have a value bet.

If you always bet on this basis you will make a profit long-term. So if you're satisfied that it is a value bet you can kick back and relax because win or lose you have made a good purchase.

2. Do not take too much of your bankroll on a single bet

In professional sports betting you do not want any single bet taking on too much significance only because you have such a large percentage of your betting bank on it. The key to professional sports betting is to always get value and to turn over your bank regularly. Like seeking out value, betting within your bankroll instills confidence because you know you have plenty of cash in hand to recover losses.

3. Think long-term

If you really want to be successful at sports betting you should be placing several hundred bets a year and turning over your bankroll as often as you can. When you focus on the end result, eg your 12 month profit / loss instead of your weekly profit / loss the pressure of individual results disappears.

By using these simple practices in your sports betting you will discover a new-found confidence that will improve your results as well as reduce your stress levels!

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